Weight Loss Program


High Protein Nutrient Dense Ketosis Diet

  • Helps the body maintain a higher metabolic rate during calorie restriction so you feel less tired, burn more fat and lose weight faster
  • Supplies the necessary amount of high-quality protein without the added calories and dietary fat found in most common foods.
  • Provides a structured systematic approach to weight management, which allows better adherence to the program. In addition, the products are convenient and compatible with today’s busy lifestyle. They’re portable, easy to mix and taste delicious.
  • 4 phase approach helps achieve lasting results and lifestyle change.

A Natural Approach to Weight Loss

Obesity is a major health concern for our country, and most people find the process of trying to lose weight exhausting and demoralizing. Over the counter supplements, diet pills, and mass marketing programs offer limited benefit and can be extremely expensive.

We offer a physician-monitored, natural approach to weight loss that involves eating healthy at a reasonable cost and an exercise program tailored to your current level of fitness and stage of life.

What We Do

  • We teach you how to do the program and provide support throughout.
  • We monitor your lab results periodically during the program to ensure efficacy.
  • We also monitor your current weight, blood pressure, and measure accountability to following the diet.

4 Phase Approach

 Screening- Patients are medically screened to see if it is safe for them to participate in the New Direction System. The screening process includes a physical examination, review of medical history and laboratory testing.

Reducing (Active Weight Loss)- Using four nutritionally complete products daily, participants being to learn and practice weight management skills without the influence of food.

Adapting- While practicing their newly learned eating and exercise habits, participants gradually transition back to grocery meals.

Maintenance- Continuing support using relapse prevention and individualized meal plans with 1 or 2 products daily helps patients live a healthier lifestyle long-term.

Losing weight is about much more than the way you look. A lifestyle change based on healthy eating and exercise habits can greatly improve your health and quality of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many calories will I be consuming?

Most clients follow a daily meal plan of 800 calories, which typically consists of four meal replacements. Make sure you consume the prescribed number of products to ensure you have the essential nutrition you need for successful weight loss.

How much weight can I expect to lose?

This may be everyone’s top question! The answer: It depends on several factors including your current weight, program, age, gender and activity level. A loss of four to seven pounds is common in the first week or so. Ongoing weight loss will average about three to five pounds a week.

Why is protein so important in a VLCD?

Your body must have protein to meet its physiological needs. Without our concentrated protein, your body would break down its own tissues. That can have serious health consequences

Aren’t carbohydrates and fat also important?

Yes, but smaller amounts are sufficient. Carbohydrates help protect your body’s protein and maintain electrolyte and fluid balance. Moderate amounts of fat provide essential fatty acids, which are needed for good health.

How will this diet help me lose body fat?

Ordinarily, your body uses glucose from carbohydrates for energy. When calories and carbohydrates are limited (as with a VLCD), your body burns its own stored fat for energy. The fat is released into the bloodstream and travels to the liver, where it is converted to ketones ( KEE-tones). The ketones are then released back into the bloodstream, where muscles and tissue use them for energy. This process is called Ketosis (kee-TOSE-sis).

Will I be hungry?

Most clients report that their hunger diminishes or disappears within three to five days of beginning the program due to the presence of ketones and reduced food temptations.  Our high protein, low carbohydrate nutritional profile also plays a role in appetite suppression.

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